Friday, March 13, 2009


***IF you are looking for the season 4 Episodes they have been moved HERE****

Any requests?

If any of these don't work, please let me know!

Please comment if you download! I'm a giant comment whore, and I really like to know that I'm not putting these up in vain.


I'm still working on a couple of these. I think my brain disappeared and I missed a bunch of comments requesting ringtones. I'm listing them below unlinked and they should be up very soon.

Do you think it's cuz we're awesome? - Coming soon still pulling audio for this one.

Bite Me

Can't Escape Me


Where's My Car?


You're the shortbus....shortbus (Dean)

Saving People, Hunting things. The Family Business

Holy Tax Accountant

Full Dead or Alive

Teddy Bear

Jerk....Bitch. - Special for Kristen. Sorry it took so long!

Sam- Blah, blah blah blah, blablablablah, blaaaaah (or however it goes)

Sam- Too Precious for this world

Sam loses Shoe- Dean: "What?" Sam: "I lost my shoe" =(

Ghostfacers Theme (whole)

Dean's Ringtone General- 'Smoke on the Water' by Deep Purple [Full song] Thank you FluffyHellBitch for helping me with figuring out this song!

Dean's Ringtone (Yellow Fever)- 'Sunshine of Your Love'- Cream [Full song]

Metal Teeth Chomp [longer opening title]

Supernatural Theme

Who Ya Gonna Call [From Hell House]

Wouldn't Know a Ghost (if it bit them in the Persweeter(?))

Ghost. Ghost Facers

Hello from Harry & Ed

AAAAAAND Here are some more!

Dean- "Sam, you okay?" Sam- "Yeah I'm okay"

Sam- "Dude, is that your mom calling?"

Dean - "Ring, Ring, Somebody Answer The Phone"

Sam - "Don't You Want To Answer Your Phone"

Dean - "I'm Dean, your phone is ringing, pick up your phone"

Sam - "How About Answering The Phone"

Sam - "Answer The Freaking Phone, Dude, Telephone"

Dean -" I'm Batman" Sam - "Yeah you're batman"

Sam - "Hello, is anyone there nah let it go to the voicemail"

Dean & Sam - Silent Night

Dean & Sam - Wanted Dead Or Alive

Dean- "It's a Text Message"

These are all episode related. Pulled directly from episodes. They will work as text message alerts or ringtones, maybe just soundbites you want to hear over and over. I'm not nearly done going through all the ones I have and making these. Expect more soon. I really and truly did not mean for them to be mostly Dean. I'm not even sure how that happened. I hope to rectify it soon though. Also these are not in airing order because I'm not that good at what I do.

Yellow Fever:
Sam- "How ya feeling?" Dean "Awesome. Nice to have my head on the chopping block again..."

Sam- "You're Awesome"

Dean- "Delightful"

Dean- "Am I haunted? Am I HAUNTED?"

Sam- "Where are you going that was our hotel?" Dean- "I'm not making a left hand turn into on-coming traffic..."

Dean- "Let's do this"

Sam- "Everything alright?" Dean- "Oh yeah, just peachy"

Dean- "So we piss a lot of people off"


Sam- "Dude, you're going 20" Dean- "and..?" ...

Dean- "A little spooky isn't it"

From Wendigo:

Dean- "What do you mean I didn't pack provisions?"

Dean- "Well sweetheart I don't do shorts"

From Monster Movie:

Dean- "Oh Come On"

Dean- "Damn"

Dean- "Oh thank God, just in the nick of time. That guy was about to Frankenstein me"

Dean- "Gutentag yourself"

Sam- "Hey there Hansel"

Dean- "Life ain't a movie you sorry sack a..."

Dean- "I'm a Maverick"

Dean- "We have a lot of experience with Strange"



  1. I cannot believe you put my favorite persqueeter line as a ringtone! **downloading**

  2. except it's taking me to "who ya gonna call" and now I am going to cry!

  3. Totally worked now! It will be my first ringtone on my new iphone!

  4. Woooo you go girl !!! I've downloaded the "Dean" ones. Not tried them yet, but they're on my laptop awaiting transfer LOL. Another awesome job :->

  5. These are so awesome!! I downloaded most of them... *worships at your feet*

  6. Thanks for putting up the theme! I couldn't figure out how to rip it from the DVD! It's awesome!

  7. I donwloaded some of the ringtones to itunes but I cannot make them as ringtones just music...any advise. I have an Iphone

    Great site!

  8. Sonia. You have to convert them to m4r. If you let me know which ones you downloaded and want to use, I will have them converted for you. =)

  9. Hey guys!
    I tried downloading some of the ringtones. (I didn't download them earlier cos I didn't know how to get them onto my phone but I think I finally figured it out). The file extensions at Mediafire are telling me that all of the ringtones have been removed. I hate to be an assface and ask for them again but D:


  10. You rock! I love it! I need more ringtones and sound bites...PLEASE!!!! It's the supernatural addict in cries out for more. More Dean and Sam... yum!

  11. dont take ANYTHING off!!! will be downloading later today!!

  12. Yesss! You're made of WINchester, thanks. :P
    I'm not sure how to get them on my phone, though. I've tried some free "ringtone maker" sites, but they try to make you pay after you make a certain amount of ringtones...

  13. Thank you so much for making and posting these! I downloaded the first batch when you posted and I'm going to download the new ones later tonight. LOVE!


  14. This is the best post I've seen all day! Thank you so much for all the hard work it took to get this posted and made. I think I'm going to download all of them (too many good ones to pass up)!

    Thanks again!

  15. Hiya,
    OMG, Love the downloads, Thanks so much.
    Was wondering if there is any chance you could do a ringtone of the teddy from wishful thinking. That would be so funny.
    Great Blog x
    Thanks Sally x

  16. Hiya,
    Any chance you can do a ringtone of,
    Castiel: It was my mistake. Certain people, special people, can perceive my true visage. I thought you would be one of them. I was wrong.
    Dean: And what visage are you in now, what, holy tax accountant?
    Thanks so much, Sally x

  17. pls put up dean saying do ya think its cause we're awesome??i think its cause we're awesome!

    and the full dead of alive pls! im sure i remember it being longer till sam does his little line

  18. I'm still waiting for me bitch jerk ringtone... ::puts on pathetic face::

  19. awsome!!! thanks!!! can wait the others

  20. the first one of the yellow fever is the same as the second one (awsome2)

  21. Thanks for sharing these! :D ♥

  22. Just beware: you are frakkin awesome for making these ringtones! My G1 thanks you.

  23. Just when I think I'm suffering from internet burnout. I land across someone like you. FREAKIN' AWESOME is you! I downloaded several. TEDDY BEAR is my fave so far.

  24. Do you have Dean saying "I like him, he says Okie Dokie" (can't remember ep) or maybe "Marry that girl" (from Provinance)

  25. Oh and when Andy says "I woke up in friggin' Frontier Land" I love that!

  26. Thank you
    Thank you
    so very very much!!!!!!

  27. so awesome! Thank you for posting these! :D

  28. I hate to be a pain but I tried really hard to fing a reasonable conversion program and couldn't... is there anyway you could convert these into M4R? I downloaded nearly all. If you need an exact list I can give you one.

  29. @Crazy13faith and all other iPhone users. If you download the .mp3 files, just go to: and upload the file there. select the easy formart (and choose .m4r). Choose the begin and end of the Ringtone and press, "Make A RingTone". and there you Go.
    Hope this helps

  30. how do you download it to your phone? i have Verizon.

  31. These ringtones are great! Great job! Could you please make when Dean says BITE ME! Love it! Pleeeeeeeease! Thanx

  32. awesome!..I have a few and have been looking for the others for quite some time....thanks a lot :)

  33. hi, i'm looking for john's winchester voice mail mp3 like a ringtone, do you have this ?

  34. Cavey (all the way from Malaysia!)January 3, 2010 at 8:32 PM

    hey! What a cool site :) I have downloaded a few of the ringtones. Will keep checking in for more updates.

    Thanks a lot for your effort ;)

  35. OMG! Pliz dont take anything off yet! I'm opening dis with my mobile, n i'll DEFINITELY download it soon as I get my hands on a PC.
    but seriously! I'm excited as hell already!! XD

    An Indonesian SPN fan,

  36. I've downloaded em!!!! cant wait to put it on my cell phone!! woohoooo!!

    THX A LOT!

    The Indonesia fan ;D

  37. Hi! Great rigtones!!! :D
    Could you please make the ringtones from last episode S05E11 - Sam, Interrupted? When Sammy says: I'm awesome a Dean says: Pudding!!!
    Thanx a lot!!!

  38. Lov'em!!!.. They're awesome!! = D.. Thnx. Please meake some from the new season = ).. oh and the bloopers too! THNX SO MUCH!

  39. I've downloaded "silent night" for Christmas.
    It's too funny!!

  40. Help! I just dowloaded some these ringtones, but itunes is telling me I can only create a ringtone from something purchased at the itunes store. I have an iphone if tht helps.Thanks for any help!

  41. Uh...I just read further up and saw how to convert. Nevermind and thanks for putting up great stuff!

  42. Could you please make a ringtone/txt message alert with Sam and Dean doing that "You think you're being funny, but you're being really, really childish. Sam Winchester wears make-up.Sam Winchester cries his way through sex. Sam Winchester keeps a ruler by his bed so that every morning, when he wakes up, he can -- okay, okay, enough!!!" from the season three episode, Mystery Spot?
    Or maybe when Dean says, "Dude, stop. You're making me feel icky" or something like that, from the season four episode, I Know What You Did Last Summer?
    I'd really apprieciate it, and I downloaded sooooo many of these ringtones - i'm definately going to mention these on my twitter account. - Which, btw, i'm following you on. You are an awesome person!!!!!

  43. I have no idea of someone has already mentioned this or not (because there are so many comments on your GREAT ringtones!!!) but Dean's general ringtone is not ACTUALLY Smoke on the Water. They wanted something that would have a familiarity to it, but it's actually an original composition. It's sort of an amalgam of AC/DC's Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution, Deep Purple's Smoke On The Water, and Scorpions' Rock You Like A Hurricane

  44. I like "Supernatural Theme".Thanks.
    But I'm looking for another ringtone.The name is

    Dean's Ringtone.

    I can't finded it anywehere.Sounds like a "Rock you like a hurricane"by Scorpions.Something like that.

  45. Please make one of dean saying 'PUDDING!' from Sam, Interrupted!

    Thankies! ^_^

  46. These are sooooooo awesome! Thank you so much for making them and sharing them.

    I would LOVE to have Cas saying something on my phone but at the moment my mind can't pick out a specific line. So, if you ever load ANY Cas tones, I'm there!

    Thanks again!

  47. Anyone looking for ringtones, Pudding, Deans tone ect look here there are a good range to choose from and its free search supernatural

  48. Wow! thanks a lot for great job!

  49. Can You do one of the guitars that start playing when something funny is about to happen, like in the pilot when they are getting ready to talk to the cops on the bridge... purty please.

  50. Can you do one of when Dean says "Hey, sweetheart. Did you miss me?", please.

  51. How did I miss this site until now? WOW. Fantastic list of ringtones. I hope activity picks back up here as last post about a year and a half ago! It's season SEVEN and Supernatural just swept the People's Choice Awards for "Best Network Drama Series" and "Best SciFi/Fantasy Series." ROCK ON!!!!

  52. I really wanna find a ringtone of Bobby yelling "Idjit!"

  53. but... but... they're all gone??? :( when you clock on the link it says the file is invalid or removed.

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  55. It's been years so the links don't work anymore. It makes me very sad:(

  56. Please say the links are somewhere else/?

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