Monday, March 30, 2009

Casting Thoughts

We've been asking about who (whom? OMG my grammar is on vacation because I don't know!) you would like to see in the show. Be it a bit part, a vital character, whatever. So many great ideas. I'll be updating this section regularly with the new ones that we get. Just check over there on the right. See where it says Casting Thoughts? That's this page. I know, right? Thanks links.

For Lucifer (because I just asked this):
Bruce Campbell
James Marsters
David Boreanaz
Peter Stormare (Satan in Constantine)
Christopher Lee
Cliff Simon
Anthony Stewart Head
Peter Graves
Derek Jacobi

Possessed Sheriff:
Nathan Fillion

Ghost Facer:
Tom Lenk

Other (because it wasn't specified what role. If you suggested it, tell me what character or kind of character you would like them to be and I will repost it that way):
The Ghost Hunters (Jason and Grant)
Christian Kane
Lindsey Lohan
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Tom Welling
Lucy Lawless
Lance Henriksen
Tony Todd
Robert Englund
Chace Crawford
Chad Michael Murray
Janeane Garofalo
Justin Hartley
Naomi Watts
Jessica Alba- Reference only?

* I think eventually I'll link their names to a picture just for reference sake, but that's not this day.


  1. I'm all for Chris Lee for Lucifer. Also, Cliff Simon (Ba'al from Stargate SG1) would make a fabulous, classic, horns, goat'e version of the Devil.

  2. Oh! Bocce! He would be so great.

  3. James Marsters would be really good. I am thinking of second season Spike and how amazingly evil he was. MMM...I miss second season Spike

  4. Christopher Lee is the ultimate Lucifer. He would be amazing. You can never go wrong with him. I really hope he gets the role.

  5. if you stay true to the legend then James Marsters, David Boreanaz, and Tom Welling would all do for the role of lucifer since he is rumored to be the most beautiful man ever. He is a "fallen" Angel don't forget. That is part of the lure, his beauty.

  6. I wouldn't be surprised if they did something completely out of the norm. Like, if everyone was expecting this really powerful man and they turned up an old woman or something... I know they did that with Lilith but it could still be well done with Lucifer. Supposedly, Lucifer would be able to take on any form he wanted... Wait! I have it!
    Imagine if Lucifer took on the form of their dad...

  7. Oh and I know Lilith was a young girl, not an old woman! I just meant I know they went outside the norm with her and cast someone you would think was innocent...

  8. Oh and I think Janeane Garofalo would make an awesome wife for Dean, if they did another flash forward to the future...

  9. Anthony Head??? Hmmmm. I just can't see him as ANYTHING evil. Especially after watching him in Little Britain LOL.

  10. Wow your "Lucifer" casting list is a buffy reunion ?
    James Marsters would be perfect for Lucifer and maybe David Boreanaz as "Cerberus" bodyguard of Lucifer...
    On the other hand, I do agree with Jo-Hanna, Lucifer could take the form of an innocent little boy or girl and later transform into a humongous beast in the last moments of battle.

  11. I like the idea of Bruce Campbell being in there. Those Evil Dead movies and Army of Darkness are totally supernaturalish.

  12. You know, Gina Torres is a pretty amazing actress .. and definitely can show strength .. she'd be good as either a higher up angel OR (bear with me now) Lucifer. Yeah, I know - a female .. but we figure Lucifer will have to "wear a meat-suit" right? So why NOT a woman .. Gina could carry it off I think..

  13. i'd only want to see lindsay lohan as a ghost of which they must burn her bones. please.

  14. I think I'd definetely love to see Christian Kane in Supernatural. Demon, Angel, Hunter, whatever! But he'd be awesome there! And Lucifer, I do like Pete Stormare, but I don't know if it would work twice, after all it's a different writing.

  15. what about as lucifer jack nicleson, or the guy that played the role of hell boy i don't remmber his name but and idea, or leiv shriver hmm he played a mean beast, as a joke adam sandler he played lucifers son lol the really i think the guy from reaper that plays the devil would be good but you may allready knew that. can't wait

  16. I don't know...what about Keanu Reeves as Satan? He's got the who tall dark and evil thing goin' for him...and his eyes actually LOOK black!....what'dya think?

  17. yes christopher lee would make a good satan. i also think just for fun, johnny depp should play a part. he literally has the versatility to play ANYTHING. i think they should either use "seasoned" actors or unknowns. the teeny boppers out today just piss me off.