Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Quote and Guess the Episode of the Day

A Very Supernatural Christmas

Did you know:
  • Sam's birthday is May 2nd (born in 1983).

  • Dean's birthday is January 24th (born in 1979).

Quote of the Day:

Dean- This is humilating. I feel like a friggan soccer mom.


  1. RANDOM:
    Dean's birth year is the same as mine and Sam's is the same as my younger brothers.



  2. I hear the twilight zone song in my head right. this. second. ;) That's actually very cool. Some kind of Supernatural show fate. They should give you a guest spot. And let me come visit the set too since it was my idea and all.

  3. They SHOULD recognize the ~~supernatural~~ connection and have me guest star as Sam's uber sexy lust interest! YES, THIS.

    God I am so shallow.

    Also, I made a spelling mistake in my above comment. D: I meant "brother's" not "brothers". POO ON ME.