Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Guess The Episode & Quote of the Day!

Episode is Shadow.

Episode Allusions:
Before Zoroastrianism the Devas were actually benevolent spirits, as they are in the theology of Hinduism. It was only after the introduction of Zoroastrianism that the theology was reversed and they became malevolent.

: Oh, and I met what's-his-name, something Michael Murray - at a bar.

Referring to Chad Michael Murray, with whom Jared Padalecki was a rival love interest for Rory Gilmore's affections on Gilmore Girls. They also worked together on House of Wax .

Quote of the Day:
Dean: Why don't you go up and deliver a private strip-o-gram?
: Bite me.
: Oh no, Bite her. Just don't leave any teeth marks... ....Sam?

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