Thursday, April 30, 2009

Guess the Episode and Quote of the Day!

Episode today is from 'Playthings'

Episode Trivia:
New license plate on the Impala. KAZ 2Y5

Quote of the Day:
Sam: You're bossy.
: What?
: You're bossy... and short.
: Are you drunk?
: Yeah! So? ...stupid.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Guess the Episode and Quote of the Day!

Episode today is from 'Lazarus Rising'

Episode Trivia:
The painting of the tiger on the wall of Sam's hotel room is the same tiger that was on the wall of Andy's van in the episode "Simon Said" (season 2)

Quote of the Day:
Castiel: It was my mistake. Certain people, special people, can perceive my true visage. I thought you would be one of them. I was wrong.
Dean: And what visage are you in now, what, holy tax accountant?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Guess the Episode and Quote of the Day!

Episode today is 'Faith'

Episode Trivia:
In this episode, it is revealed Dean is 27, but in "Pilot," he says he is 26. That means he has had a birthday, but they haven't mentioned it.

Quote of the Day:
Dean: That fabric softener teddy bear. Oooh! I'm gonna hunt that little bitch down.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Guess the Episode and Quote of the Day!

Episode today is "Yellow Fever"

Episode Trivia:
Autopsies are suppose to be recorded when doing the procedure. The doctor did not record himself, instead he was talking with Sam and Dean.

Quote of the Day:
Dean: Those are real. Obviously. I mean, who would pretend to be an FBI agent, huh? That's just nutty.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rumour About Supernatural's Future past Season 5

There was mention that someone who works for the company that does the mock-ups used on the DVD covers was advised that they should do several more for future seasons. Since I am a skeptic at heart I don't know how much I believe someone that works for that company would be able to release information without getting into trouble, but that doesn't mean it won't happen. Therefore I repeat this information to you. Is it true? We shall see. I want the show to go on as long as it stays good. I do not want the show to turn into some awful shell of itself and end with me wishing it had been over already. Not to say I won't continue watching it regardless, but I don't think I'm alone in thinking if it's not going to be good and fresh and keep us wanting more, then it's not entirely worth it. In the same breath, I can say I don't think Kripke or Jensen and Jared would let it get to that point. They all seem invested in the show, and there are some amazing writers there that have managed to keep us all entertained so far. That entry was really long so I post the previous one which has some of what Jensen and Jared have been saying at Conventions.

Re: There’s Still Hope: Jensen Says S5 Not Necessarily the Last Rumor ONLY: CW is looking into renegotiating 2 more years of contracts for everyone,& an automatic pick up for those2 seasons.
At LA Con, when Jared was asked what he'd be doing after Season 5 of Supernatural, he said, "Season 6 of Supernatural and then, the Supernatural Movie" and Jensen agreed. I don't think we should be so fatalistic about Season 5 just because Kripke has said he originally planned for 5 seasons. Even Kripke has said that he would make sure that there are enough monsters and champions around for a Season 6.

In my opinion, it's clear that the boys would like to do another season. Let's not forget that Season 6 is also when everyone who signed 5-year contracts finally has a chance to get some major financial rewards for all of their hard work. And maybe the CW would even up the per episode budget as Kripke has always wanted. I'm hoping that fans will get behind this in a big way. Supernatural is not exactly the CW's favorite show (even though it rates highly against very stiff competition). It will take high ratings and a lot of fan-mail for the CW to reward the actors and production staff with big raises to do a sixth season. The show is still great and I think they could easily go another year.

All of that taken from CW Lounge thank you so much @whitneymills

To keep reading what people are saying in rumour-land Check out the CW lounge HERE.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Guess the Episode and Quote of the Day!

Episode is Sin City

Episode Trivia:
While Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Run Through The Jungle" is playing in the background, closed captioning displays the words for Iggy Pop's "Power and Freedom".

Quote of the Day:
Casey: Why don't you relax?
Dean: Why don't you kiss my ass?
Casey: Why, Dean, you're a poet. I had no idea.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just So Ya Know...

Hey there, we just wanted to reiterate something quickly for everyone because we've been getting A LOT of questions about this the past couple of days and we don't want anyone to feel like we are misleading them. I am not Jensen Ackles, nor am I Jared Padalecki or anyone else in or working for the television show Supernatural. Neither is the other moderator. I promise. We are just fans who love the show. If I was Jensen Ackles or Jared Padalecki I would tell you, but even in my most vivid imaginations I'm still not them. If you have a question about them I'd be more than happy to research it and try and find out something for you. If you have a request for the show we'd actually love to hear it because we get a kick out of that kind of thing, but we won't be able to impliment it into any storylines. We wish we could. If we were in charge though, there would be far less clothing on both of them. Just saying. SO! We are- with way more detail than you probably care to know:

Elizabeth aka @androidtomato aka me aka Penelope to the sandwich guys at WhichWich aka E-Beth

Likes: Squishy, Supernatural, cute shoes, iced coffee, foolishness, taking pictures, good hair, semicolons, British comic novels, music, modesty, woodchuck cider, Chinese food, the icing on the cake, bitching, moaning, sleeping, puppies, kittens, inside jokes, puerile humor that I should really be too old for, writing, reading, words, language, numbers, books, traveling, Emily Bronte, saying “cram it”, caffeine, my PS2, my wii, my SUPER NINTENDO (because it's the best), baby hippos, seeing kids drop their ice cream, hyperbole, iTunes, etiquette books, clever packaging, Pop Up Video, smooching, Happy Bunny, little kids with British accents, kicking it old school, boys who make me laugh, Britain and all things British, Homestar Runner, hoodies, postcards, discussing anything with preschoolers, my dog Shakespeare, my cat Marley, the snooze button, people who think I’m funny, laughing so hard you feel like you’re going to throw up but you actually don’t, sneaking cigarettes when I think no one is looking, hockey, nerds, science fiction, my blackberry, my best friends when they say they’ll kick someone’s ass because they hurt my feelings, going on dates, spider solitaire, my glasses, Robson Green as Dr Tony Hill, James Bond, Harry Potter, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, ZOMBIES, zombie movies...

Dislikes: When juice wears tights, patchouli, chicken-themed gifts, liars, brown-nosers, imitation mashed potatoes, Katie Couric, sweat pants in public, Texas summers, black licorice, the fact that VH1 doesn’t play Pop Up Video anymore, answering the telephone, co-workers in general, silverfish, Coors Light, blisters, people who think they are superior because they don’t watch television, when I don't have anyone to smooch, milk, the words “salve”, “moist”, and “juxtaposed”, people that come to my front door and ask if my parents are home, doing dishes, bad grammar, bad spelling, bad grammar and bad spelling even in text messages, willful ignorance, corporate lingo, mandatory overtime, people who try to get by in traffic by driving on the shoulder, when I stop for pedestrians at crosswalks and they deliberately walk as slowly as possible, Hello Kitty Merchandise, food noises, morning radio shows full of dumb people, TRL, vain braggarts, people that chew open-mouthed, people who don’t consume caffeine in any form, spider solitaire, waiting in line, stupid people that say they are smart, mushy apples, alarm clocks, guilt, mistakes in print, when people constantly remind me that I'm almost 30...

Katherine aka @spacemonkey25 aka Ophelia to that lot over there aka Mrs. Menzies in my phone aka Kat

Accents, Anglophilia, Barnes & Noble, Black Books, Bond/Villiers, Borders, British comedy, British history, British men, (let's face it, anything British), coldplay, Csi:NY, David Tennant, Doctor Who, England, hot guys in TV shows, fanfic, Harry Potter, history, horror movies, Hot Fuzz, Ireland, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, John Barrowman, languages, latin, London, magazines, Michael Shanks, mix cd's, movies, Primeval, reading, Red Dwarf, Reno 911, Terry from Reno 911, Shaun of the Dead, Simon Pegg, slash, Stargate SG-1, Supernatural, tea, the Young Ones, theatre (spelled re instead of er), Tobias Menzies, Torchwood, travel, tv, UK, Villiers, my blackberry, archaeology, living in London, lavender, purple, purple nurples, ghosts, vampires, zombies, zombies in classical literature, cheesy horror movies half in English half in Japanese, glow in the dark stuff, beaches, nerds, steak, sleep, midnight showings, pudding, pina coladas, hockey

The killing off of my favourite characters (& the hot guys) in my favourite TV shows, spiders, snakes, living in Texas during the summer, hot weather, cold weather, long lines, Lou Diamond Phillips (he created cancer you know), having to wait to see my British shows, when Hollywood remakes my favourite J-horror and it stars Jessica Alba, Tom Cruise, people who talk during movies, people who chat on their cell phones during movies, people who don't use their blinker when driving, rude people, not finding cute shoes in my size, cucumber melon scented things, being sick, parsley, wine, mushrooms, beans, traffic, apricots, getting no rain when it says we should, lame movies, the Dentist, not being in London right now

Guess the Episode and Quote of the Day!

Episode comes from "No Exit"

Episode Trivia:
One of the photographs on the table when Sam, Jo, and Dean are discussing Holmes is actually a photograph of Elizabeth Stride, one of the women generally accepted to have been murdered by Jack the Ripper.

Episode Quote:
Jo: So you gonna buy me dinner?
: What are you talking about?
: It’s just if you’re gonna ride me this close, it’s only decent you buy me dinner.
: Oh, that’s hilarious.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

MIX Cd's

HEY! Did you not get a mix CD in the last round? That's okay! Because you can now download all the songs here from the two CD's that were sent out. Oh yes. Yes you can. Unfortunately I do not have the patience of a saint, and to type out all the names and put up a link to each individual song would have given me hives and probably a tumor, SO you can download the whole folder by clicking on Disc One and Disc Two (actually I think you have to download them individually, sorry about that! I'll try and correct it when I'm not half asleep). 34 songs in total. All from episodes of Supernatural.

Disc One

Disc Two

You don't have to join anything you only have to download and enjoy. If you download please comment to let me know so I don't take them down in a week because it looks like no one is interested.

All run-on sentences and grammar errors TOTALLY intended.

Here is the playlist:

Disc one:
Carry On My Wayward Son 5:21 Kansas -
Highway to Hell 3:28 AC/DC
In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida 2:55 Iron Butterfly
Don't Fear The Reaper 5:09 Blue Oyster Cult
Renegade 4:15 Styx
The Crystal Ship 2:34 The Doors
Bad Moon Rising 2:19 Creedence Clearwater Revival
ACDC - DC - Hells Bells 5:12
Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore 4:57 REO Speedwagon
Stranglehold 8:24 Ted Nugent
Stonehenge 4:37 Spinal Tap
Silent Lucidity 5:46 Queensrÿche
Every Rose Has It's Thorn 4:18 Poison
Don't Look Back 6:00 Boston
Down South Jukin' 2:13 Lynyrd Skynyrd
Fight The Good Fight 6:20 Triumph
Road to Nowhere 5:11 Ozzy Osborne

Disc two:
Eye of the Tiger 3:49 Survivor
I Put a Spell On You 2:28 Screaming Jay Hawkins
Wheel In The Sky 4:12 Journey
Crossroads Blues 2:40 ROBERT JOHNSON
Rambling Man 4:42 The Allman Brothers Band
What A Wonderful World 2:24 Joey Ramone
Bad Company 4:51 Bad Company
Thunder Kiss '65 3:54 White Zombie
Round & Round 4:26 Ratt
Heat of the Moment 3:52 Asia
Cold As Ice 3:21 Foreigner
Bang Your Head (Metal Health) 5:17 Quiet Riot
Fly By Night 3:21 Rush
Wherever I May Roam 6:44 Metallica
Rock Of Ages 4:07 Def Leppard
Hey You 3:32 Bachman-Turner Overdrive
Lady in Red 4:18 Chris De Burgh

Guess the Episode and Quote of the Day!

The episode is 'Bad Day at Black Rock'

Don't forget to check out the Ringtones page for a ringtone of Sam saying "I lost My Shoe".
Episode Trivia:
The bumper stickers on the back of Kubrick's RV read:
"How would Jesus drive?"
"Don't make me come down there. -GOD" and
"Bethlehem or bust"

Quote of the Day:
Bobby: (to Dean) Watch out for your brother, you idjit.
Dean: What?
Sam: I lost my shoe

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Guess the Episode and Quote of the Day!

Episode is 'What is and What Should Never Be'

Episode Trivia:
There are several 'goofs" that occur in Dean's new life which may be Goofs, or may be his subconscious efforts to indicate something is wrong. They include:

1) The Winchester's house has the numbers reversed from those seen in "Home": they are 1481 here, but 1841 in "Home";

2) When Dean watches the TV in the middle of the night the KJLT timestamp says it's 9 a.m. central;
3) the newspaper headline about the one-year anniversary of the airplane crash says its December 5, 2005, but Dean is seen earlier mowing the yard; and

4) the lawnmower Dean uses to mow the lawn has no blades.

5) When Dean wakes up in his mother’s house we get to see photography of their family. Young Dean in the photography does not look anything like the kid that played him in other episodes.

Quote of the day:
Dean: The Djinn, it attacked me.
Sam: The gin, you were drinking gin?
Dean: No, ass-hat, the Djinn, the scary creature, remember?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Guess The Episode and Quote of the Day!

The Guess the Episode today comes from 'The Benders'.

This episode has Jessica Steen, who I at least, see all over the place. She was in Due South (love), NCIS (love), Earth 2 (like), and she was the original (and better, sorry) Dr. Elizabeth Weir from Stargate. I really like her. I also really love Canada because it's like a 7 degrees of Rodney McKay when I watch episodes sometimes. < / idiotic blathering >

Episode Trivia:
This is the first episode where Dean and Sam don't drive off in their car. Instead they walk.

Episode Quote:
Pa Bender: Tell me, any other cops gonna come lookin' for you?
Dean: Eat me. Oh no no no wait wait wait, you actually might.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Music You'd Like to See on Supernatural

I asked recently what songs everyone would like to see on Supernatural. Here is a list of the answers we received. The songs link out to a download of the song. Again...if you want it, and it doesn't work, you have to tell me so I can fix it. XD

"Going to California"- Led Zeppelin
"Black Dog"- Led Zeppelin
"Pour Some Sugar On Me"- Def Leppard
"Werewolves of London"- Warren Zevon
"Gotta Get Away"- The Offspring
"Number of the Beast"- Iron Maiden
"Unforgiven II"- Metallica
"Speakerphone"- Kylie Minogue
"Running Up That Hill"- Placebo (and I quote "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!")
"Rebel Yell"- Billy Idol

"The Outlaw Torn" - Metallica.
"Crazy Train"- Ozzy Osborn
"Layla"- Derek & The Dominos
"Black Ice"- AC/DC
"No Leaf Cover" - Metallica
"Another One Bites the Dust"- Queen
"We Are the Champions"- Queen
"Enter Sandman"- Metallica

"Crawl" - Kings of Leon
"Sex on Fire"- Kings of Leon
"Another Brick in The Wall"- Pink Floyd

"Route 66" - Nelson Riddle & his orchestra, the full, extended-play version. *I couldn't find the extended-play version. Unless the extended play version is 2:10
"No Quarter"- Led Zeppelin
"Stairway To Heaven"- Led Zeppelin

Guess the Episode and Quote of the Day!

Episode today is from 'Heart'.

Episode Trivia:
When Sam is in the morgue, the corpse on the table blinks.

Quote of the Day:
Sam: Find anything?
Dean: Just some leftovers and a six pack.
Sam: Check the freezer. Maybe there's some human hearts hidden behind the Häagen-Dazs or something

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hey! We Got Mentioned

So one of our twitter followers, @Crusader666 happened to mention us in a blog entry which makes me unreasonably happy because I'm kind of a whore for stuff like that. Sorry mom. Check it out here:

Crusaders Corner

Guess The Episode and Quote of the Day!

Episode Trivia:
When Dean & Sam are dressed as priests, Dean introduces them as Father Simmons and Father Frehley. Gene Simmons and Paul "Ace" Frehley were two of the founding members of the rock band KISS.

Quote of the Day:
Sam: We're not gonna kill Max.
Dean: Then what? I hand him over to the cops and say "Lock him up officer he kills with the power of his mind"?!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Guess the Episode and Quote of the Day!

The Episode today comes from 'Wendigo'
This is one of my favorite episodes. AND it has Callum Keith Rennie in it, who I adored in the TV show Due South. Oh yes. MOUNTIES. Ahem...this is about Supernatural...not MOUNTIES so I digress. Awesome episode.

Episode Trivia:
The date on Jessica's, Sam's girlfriend, tombstone said November 2, 2005 as the day she died. That is the same date that Sam's mother died by the same spirit 20+ years ago.

Episode Quote:
Dean: Chow time, you freaky bastard! Yeah, that's right, bring it on baby, I taste gooood!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Guess the Episode and Quote of the Day!

Episode today comes from 'Dream a Little Dream of Me'

Episode Trivia:
Sam: ..this doctor was testing the stuff on his patients, Tim Leary style...
Doctor Timothy Francis Leary (1920-1996) was a writer and psychologist. He advocated the use and research of psychedelic drugs, and became famous as a proponent of the therapeutic and spiritual benefits of LSD. He became an idol of the 1960s counterculture.

Episode Quote:
: What was Bobby doing in Pittsburgh?
Dean: I don't know, unless he was taking an extremely lame vacation.

All Hell Breaks Loose in AUSTRALIA

Hey! Do you come from a land Down Under? And are living near Sydney (because Australia is sorta a big place, yo) April 18-19 there is a Supernatural Convention. That's right!

18th & 19th April 2009 SYDNEY
Sir John Clancy Auditorium

UNSW Campus
High Street, Kensington NSW

Check it out Here!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Guess the Episode and Quote of the Day!

Episode today is from 'Bugs'.

Episode Trivia:
There is no Oklahoma Gas & Power. In reality, the workers in the teaser would be working for Oklahoma Gas & Electric (or OG&E) and their trucks would be orange.

Quote of the Day:
Dean: Hmm... looks like there's only room for one. You wanna flip a coin?
: Dean, we have no idea what's down there.
: All right. I'll go if you're scared. Scared?
: Flip the damn coin!
Dean: Call it in the air, chicken. (flips coin)
: (catches coin) I'm going...don't drop me

Friday, April 10, 2009

Guess the Episode and Quote of the Day!

Sorry. I'm super late in posting this here because sometimes life comes atcha and you're using someone else's computer to post things to Twitter while they lecture you about life. Thanks mom. Good to finally be at my own home!

Episode today comes from 'Folsom Prison Blues'. Orange is my favorite color. And not just because of this picture, but it certainly doesn't hurt anything. See, I kind of understand why those crazy women fall in love with inmates. At least, I do if those inmates are Dean and Sam. I'm just saying, it's a little bit awesome.

Episode Trivia:
In the scene after Dean plays poker for smokes, he gets up and says "hey fellas, who wants to make a deal?" If you look closely, you can see that as the camera pulls away from Sam, he grins and says the line along with Dean.

Quote of the Day:
Dean: Don't worry, Sam. I promise I won't trade you for smokes

I also really liked this quote but it didn't fit:
Dean: (to provoke Tiny) I wanted to ask you, because I couldn't help but notice that you are two tons of fun, just curious: is that, like, a thyroid problem, or is it some deep-seated self-esteem issue? 'Cause, you know. They're just donuts. Not love

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Guess the Episode and Quote of the Day!

Episode today is 'Time is On My Side'.

Episode Trivia:
When Bela makes the pact with Lilith, Lilith's eyes are red instead of white.

Quote of the Day:
Sam: Remember that thing in the paper yesterday?
Dean: "Stripper suffocates dude with thighs"?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Guess the Episode and Quote of the Day!

Episode today comes from - Asylum

Episode Trivia:
Sam is reading the magazine Men's Health in the Creekview medical center waiting room. On the front cover is actor Sean William Scott, who like Jensen Ackles guest starred in the TV series Sweet Valley High.

Quote of the Day:
Kat: So, how do you guys know about all this ghost stuff?
: It's kind of our job.
: Why would anyone want a job like that?
: I had a crappy guidance counselor.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Guess The Episode & Quote of the Day!

Episode of the Day comes from: The Kids are Alright

Episode Trivia:
When Dean is entering the development, where the children are at, the sign says "Sold Out" but when Sam and Dean go to the house where the children are being held in cages the sign in front of the house says "For Sale."

Quote of the Day:
(about the moon-bounce)
Ben: You know who else thinks they're awesome? Chicks! It's like hot-chick city out there!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Guess The Episode & Quote of the Day!

Episode today comes from Roadkill

Episode Allusion
Molly: So this is really what you guys do. You're like Ghostbusters.
Reference to the hit 1984 movie starring Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson.

Quote of the Day:
Dean: Follow the creepy brick road.

Friday, April 3, 2009

A Few More articles

Oh! Forgot these. Here are some more.

Supernatural Articles

It only took me FOREVER to finally get these scanned. I've been having big computer issues. Sorry! Anyway! Here they are.

My Bloody Valentine in Fangoria

Regarding Friday the 'Jaredteenth' in Fangoria.

From EW regarding Dean's Jacket:

Guess The Episode & Quote of the Day!

Episode is 'Born Under a Bad Sign'
Episode Trivia:

When Dean is on the website to locate Sam
via GPS, he is logged in as "Dean J. MaHogOff.

Quote of the Day:

: Here, take these.
: What are they?
: Charms. They'll fend off possession. That demon's still out there. This'll stop it from getting back up in ya.
: That sounds vaguely dirty, but er, thanks.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Guess The Episode & Quote of the Day!

The Guess The episode comes from 'Bloody Mary'

Episode Trivia:
Dean Do I look like Paris Hilton?
Said as Sam pointed a videocam on his brother. This is in reference to Paris' various videotaped sexual escapades with at least two ex-boyfriends. Also, Hilton and Jared Padalecki both starred in the 2005 feature film, House of Wax.

Quote of the Day:
Sam: Hey, night vision!
: Do I look like Paris Hilton?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Guess The Episode & Quote of the Day!

Episode Trivia:
When Sam and Dean present their fake FBI badges for Ronald to inspect, Sam's badge reads "Han Solo," and Dean's reads "Jack Ryan." Han Solo is the character played by Harrison Ford in the Star Wars films, and Jack Ryan is a fictional CIA officer created by writer Tom Clancy. Harrison Ford also played Jack Ryan in Patriot Games (1992) and Clear and Present Danger (1994).

Quote of the day:
Dean: I like him, he says 'okey-dokey'.
: What if he's the shifter?
: We follow him home, put a silver bullet in his chest.