Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm a Survivor, I'm the Eye of the Tiger

Just because this video makes me want to laugh and cry and make out with every one in the near vicinity:


Enjoy. You can also download the video HERE or HERE

Oh! AND here it is in MP4 in case you want to put it on your phone and it won't accept regular AVI.

Some of those aren't working so try one of these.

Eye of the Tiger

And one that will work on Divx

I also have it on my crackberry so I can watch it all the time. If that's wrong, I don't want to be right. Oh goodness...


  1. Well I tried to download it. All I get is the sound. No video :-< So gutted now.

  2. OH no! Okay. Let me check it out. I'll post another update soon.

  3. I tried EVERYTHING I could, ran it through all the programs I have and STILL get sound but no audio. I think I need an MP3/4 file or something. Can that be done? Want this clip on my phone SO BAD !!!!!

  4. What kind of phone do you have? I can convert it for you to any type of file you may need.

  5. I have a Nokia 5800 phone if that helps LOL. It's the all singing all dancing new music phone. Still dunno how it completely works LOL. I do know how to get files though, before there's a smart assed comment :)

  6. Fluffyhellbitch, have you tried routing it through the Nokia PC suite? I have the 5310, which is a music phone as well (not AS cool though LOL) and I have to route stuff through there to get it converted to work on my phone. Haven't tried this yet though. Hope you can get it figured out!

  7. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU E-Beth. It has FINALLY worked LOL. I can watch it ALL the time now. Thank You so much LOL.

  8. I know this is probably closed for the posting a comment thing, but I have to share something.

    I have this on my phone now (THANK YOU E-BETH) and I showed it to my wee sister, WHO by the way doesn't even know what Supernatural is.

    She was giggled UP watching it. She especially LOVES the leg bit. See? We can get through to the normal people LOL.

  9. Never closed for posting comments! I lurv comments!

  10. OH! And duh! That's so awesome your sister loved it! The leg bit cracks me up so hard. Well, the whole thing makes me want to wet myself a little.

  11. OMG~ Thanks for your shareing! I love it sooooo muchhhhhh!

  12. awww the leg bit is awsomeeeee
    i tried ti di it and fell backwards......
    its hard
    its AWSOME