Thursday, March 12, 2009

Guess The Episode & Quote of the Day!

The episode today is Heart.

*On a side note, I love this episode a lot because it has Teryl Rothery in it and she was one of my favorite characters in the show Stargate: SG1. Yes. I'm a geek, but it makes me laugh all the time when I see the actors from Stargate on Supernatural. I love you Vancouver. In this weeks NEW!!! episode Christopher Heyerdahl is guest starring and he played Halling on Stargate Atlantis. Isn't that exciting? I'll stop now before I embarrass myself more.

Did you know:
In the episode of 'Heart' when Sam is in the morgue, the corpse on the table blinks.

Quote of the Day:
Sam: Wait, so, so Kendall married Ethan's father just to get back at him?
Madison: Yup and now she's set to inherit all the casinos that were supposed to go to Ethan.
Sam: What a bitch

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  1. yeah another sg-1 geek! lol glad to see it omg i didnt know he was todd!! i remember him as brother justin from carnavale sigh miss that show