Friday, March 13, 2009

Contest -1 Entries

Hey everyboooody. Contest One is officially closed. Thank you's to everyone that has participated. Here are the entries we've received. Comment, let us know what you think. I'm sure the people that did them, though they remain anonymous in this post will appreciate hearing how freaking awesome they are!

On a totally random side note, my fingers are so cold! So yeah.

Entry Dean:

Entry Sam:

Entry Metallicar:

Entry Bobby:


  1. DEAN.
    No, really, voting for Dean :]

  2. I like Sam's entry. It's very creative! The half face thingy is cool. Is the background from an episode? I don't remember.


  3. I actually like the Metallicar one. It's different because there's NO Winchester Brothers photos on it. Get the car :->

  4. I have to say Dean's Entry because it will look best on Twitter and I LOVE the icon.

  5. I like Sam. It looks really original.