Thursday, March 26, 2009

Guess The Episode & Quote of the Day!

MMMMMonster MMMMovie. Was that annoying? Reading all those M's?

Episode Trivia:
When the brothers arrive in town the first night, there's a crescent moon in the sky. However, the second night when the werewolf strikes, the moon is full. The moon doesn't change phases that fast from crescent to full in a single night.

When Dean says this line after taking the ribbon out of his pocket to show Sam in the bar after his fight with Dracula: "This, I uh, pulled it off during the fight" his lips don't move, and the volume is different from the rest of his line, you can clearly tell this line was added in post as a voiceover.

Quote of the Day:
Dean: Room's paid for and it's Oktoberfest. C'mon, brother! Beer and bar wenches.
Sam: Pretty sure women today don't react well to the whole "wench" thing, Dean.
Dean: Hey, bar wench! Where's that beer?
Jamie: Coming up, good sir.
Dean: Dude. Oktoberfest.

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  1. LOVE this Episode too. It's so corny LOL. On another note, I have mentioned you (E-Beth) in my Blog. Thank You again.