Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rumour About Supernatural's Future past Season 5

There was mention that someone who works for the company that does the mock-ups used on the DVD covers was advised that they should do several more for future seasons. Since I am a skeptic at heart I don't know how much I believe someone that works for that company would be able to release information without getting into trouble, but that doesn't mean it won't happen. Therefore I repeat this information to you. Is it true? We shall see. I want the show to go on as long as it stays good. I do not want the show to turn into some awful shell of itself and end with me wishing it had been over already. Not to say I won't continue watching it regardless, but I don't think I'm alone in thinking if it's not going to be good and fresh and keep us wanting more, then it's not entirely worth it. In the same breath, I can say I don't think Kripke or Jensen and Jared would let it get to that point. They all seem invested in the show, and there are some amazing writers there that have managed to keep us all entertained so far. That entry was really long so I post the previous one which has some of what Jensen and Jared have been saying at Conventions.

Re: There’s Still Hope: Jensen Says S5 Not Necessarily the Last Rumor ONLY: CW is looking into renegotiating 2 more years of contracts for everyone,& an automatic pick up for those2 seasons.
At LA Con, when Jared was asked what he'd be doing after Season 5 of Supernatural, he said, "Season 6 of Supernatural and then, the Supernatural Movie" and Jensen agreed. I don't think we should be so fatalistic about Season 5 just because Kripke has said he originally planned for 5 seasons. Even Kripke has said that he would make sure that there are enough monsters and champions around for a Season 6.

In my opinion, it's clear that the boys would like to do another season. Let's not forget that Season 6 is also when everyone who signed 5-year contracts finally has a chance to get some major financial rewards for all of their hard work. And maybe the CW would even up the per episode budget as Kripke has always wanted. I'm hoping that fans will get behind this in a big way. Supernatural is not exactly the CW's favorite show (even though it rates highly against very stiff competition). It will take high ratings and a lot of fan-mail for the CW to reward the actors and production staff with big raises to do a sixth season. The show is still great and I think they could easily go another year.

All of that taken from CW Lounge thank you so much @whitneymills

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