Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Guess the Episode and Quote of the Day!

Episode is 'What is and What Should Never Be'

Episode Trivia:
There are several 'goofs" that occur in Dean's new life which may be Goofs, or may be his subconscious efforts to indicate something is wrong. They include:

1) The Winchester's house has the numbers reversed from those seen in "Home": they are 1481 here, but 1841 in "Home";

2) When Dean watches the TV in the middle of the night the KJLT timestamp says it's 9 a.m. central;
3) the newspaper headline about the one-year anniversary of the airplane crash says its December 5, 2005, but Dean is seen earlier mowing the yard; and

4) the lawnmower Dean uses to mow the lawn has no blades.

5) When Dean wakes up in his mother’s house we get to see photography of their family. Young Dean in the photography does not look anything like the kid that played him in other episodes.

Quote of the day:
Dean: The Djinn, it attacked me.
Sam: The gin, you were drinking gin?
Dean: No, ass-hat, the Djinn, the scary creature, remember?

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