Wednesday, June 3, 2009

LOL- Deanz #1

Hah! Okay so thanks you guys for stepping up to that little challenge. Y'all are great. I decided to make a post on the blog with the submissions just so I wasn't spamming you with pretty much the same picture over and over. I hope that's okay with the submittors and if it's not....welll......Sorry! I've linked back to your original pictures and I hope you get lots of awesome comments! If I missed anyone that did one, Oh EM GEE, tell me so I can correct this and add your creation.

Contributed by Nirty- Original

Contributed by Wolfquilter- Original

The following were all contributed by technicolour66


1 comment:

  1. a-FREAKING-tastic!!!
    thx for putting'em up :) Should there be a LOLsam and LOLcas thingy too? I might come up with some tomorrow, it's late (or early) here, so I'll do them tomorrow morning lol. Lotsa luv *hug*