Monday, June 15, 2009

Guess the Episode and Quote of the Day!

Episode trivia-
Dean introduces himself and Sam as detectives Dante and Landis. Joe Dante directed The Howling, John Landis directed American Werewolf in London - both werewolf horror films.

Quote of the day-
Dean: One of us should probably stay here with you just in case he stops by.
Sam: All right, you go, I'll stay.
Dean: Forget that. You go after the creepy ex, I'm gonna hang here with the hot chick.
Sam: Dude. Why do you always get to hang out with the girls?
Dean: Because I'm older.
Sam: No, screw that. We settle this the old-fashioned way.
(Sam and Dean play Rock, Paper, Scissors. Sam chooses rock, Dean chooses scissors)
Sam: Dean, always with the scissors.

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