Monday, May 11, 2009

Operation Salt & Burn Snuggle Dryer Sheets

Aaaaannnd I am back. With another installment of the saltn' and burnin'. This time it's snuggle dryer sheets. You know the ones. I'm personally allergic to them, but that's probably not what is important. It's more this quote- Dean: "That fabric softener teddy bear. Oooh! I'm gonna hunt that little bitch down." I mean, OF COURSE! Right? We all know WHICH bear he's talking about, even if it wasn't said by name. If you work for the snuggle company, ummm don't sue me. It's all in good fun, don't FREAK OUT! So when I got a text message from an amazing and awesome person saying, "salt and burn that snuggle bear" I couldn't pass that shit up. I'm kind of sad I didn't have an actual stuffed bear to burn. But it's alright I suppose. This burned better (sorta) than that would have anyway. At least without a bucket of lighter fluid and maybe a trip to the burn unit. I might be cracked, but I don't actually want a disfigurement. I say it burned better, only because it actually caught fire, unlike the twinkies which needed assistance from my neighbors. The only part of the box that actually lit right up was the part with the snuggle bear on it. Is this a sign? I think so. I couldn't do these Operation Salt and Burns without the DO IT DO IT OMG DO IT eggings on of @HAMMER32 and @CandyMaize. I can't blame you directly, but secretly I do.

I found him! Look at all that hate and evil wrapped up in that one dimensional drawn body. *shudder*

I caught him! My purse and Zac Effron keep close watch to make sure he doesn't escape right off the box. He's trying, you can see he has his leg up like he's going to make a run for it. STOP HIM ZAC!

The Salting. Not much else to describe there....

Fire! Fire! Fire!

More Fire! It really took off for a while there.

But then almost as soon as that little devil bear was done burning, the fire magically went out. Smart fire, knows that true evil comes in Bear form.

If anyone wants the burned up box and dryer sheets let me know and I will seriously send them to you. Like I said before I am allergic so those puppies are going in the trash if no one speaks up. Oh, I just realized I have the box from the Twinkies too with two whole unburned, unopened twinkies still in it. I guess if anyone wants that as well...I don't forsee getting many requests for these. I'm throwing it out there just in case though.

Also, if YOU have an idea please leave a comment. Actually, leave a comment anyway because I love them. I've decided to do an Operation Salt & Burn once a week until it no longer seems fun. Next week- I'm making s'mores off the fire.


  1. brilliant,,,,,,,,,absolutely love it

  2. Yay for Operation Snuggles!
    I deny egging you on. *wink* So, what are you salting & burning next? Something good? It's gotta be good .. things that are SPN related are EXTRA awesome .. but other things still good!

  3. I think we need to do a scarecrow (1.11), a plane (paper would work, LOL, 1.04), a clown (2.02),or a wreath (3.08)