Friday, February 27, 2009

Why Ruby has Changed....

I don't know if I totally believe this, but I don't know that I don't believe it either. It's an interesting take on the new Sam & Ruby relationship. Regardless of my 'Oh I hadn't really thought of that because I was blinded by my Ruby Rage' epiphany I still don't like her. Sorry. Maybe I enjoyed reading this so much because of the GIF files on the side with all the making out. I could be shallow like that.

It might be more deliberate than we think....


  1. I've been thinking that for awhile, actually, it really bothered me that she was essentially mimicking Dean.

    I don't like her one bit, I liked the old Ruby; fiesty and snappy.

    So anyway, I will be surprised, actually, if Sam and Dean are surprised if/when Ruby shows her true colors and how she used Sam.

  2. I agree. The old Ruby was snarky and full of piss and vinegar. It was way more interesting and original then this new Ruby.

    Looking forward to seeing Sam and Dean have it out at the end of this season. A lot of this will have to be addressed.

  3. Oh goodness. This is so accurate, but not mind-changing. I still despise the new Ruby! D:
    -is sad-

  4. I kinda like Ruby, dunno why. I was thinking about a possible ending of season 4. Maybe Ruby get pregnant *lol*. Mum Ruby is already a demon, daddy Sam has somthing evil inside. result: a really evil child, which will become the most powerful demon ever.
    Castiel give Dean the order to kill the child, because it will become really dangerous. Sam of course will protect his child. So big brotherfight at the end.


    btw: sorry about my bad english, I'm German.

  5. But can Ruby get pregnant, considering her host body is technically dead?

    Interesting idea, though!

    I think the boys will come to blows regardless.