Thursday, October 15, 2009

Contest 2- Entries

Here it is! This took forever getting uploaded, and I'm sorry if it's not as pretty and formatted as it could be but I hate formatting and well, you didn't come to see that anyway.

Onto the entries! Remember please, use your common sense and courtesy. Don't steal the pictures and claim them as your own (not that I think any of you are douche-y enough to do that, but I gotta say it). Please leave lots of comments for these awesome entries and let us and the person that spent so much time and effort know what you think.






@hafelina and @okenakab
















  1. Wow! Talk about talented!!! first off I want to order a bracelett! Winchester men!! yum! but , this was fantastic! Everyone rocked it!

  2. i want a bracelet too..
    Also the video by xXxCastielxXx was amazing and the one by bella182009 made me want to cry - such sad memories.
    All of these are pretty damn awesome though.

  3. Count me in for a bracelet! There are so many talented people in this world! Everyone should be very proud of their work!!

  4. veeeery niiice! i need a bracelet too!! also the impala pillow please (or whatever it is im lovin it!) sexy boys DO win(chester) :)
    great job guys!

  5. That bracelet rocks! I really want one now. *_*

  6. I love those bracelets! I want one! Do they sell them?? And the Impala was cool a idea really

  7. I think they are all great! Everyone is so talented!

  8. Everyone did such a great job! Love the little Impala. I just want to cuddle up with it. 8)
    Thanks for all the love for my bracelet. You guys rock! And for those who asked you can get the jewelry in my shop.
    Good luck everyone.

  9. aww thanks for willing to add me late!


  10. there was a lot of creative thought in these, you can really see it. good work all around!