Friday, August 14, 2009

Supernatural Twitter Role-Players

If you want to follow some of the Twitter users that do actual Supernatural role-playing (Not just twitters pretending to be one of the Winchesters, but actual role-playing scenarios with well thought out scripts and dialogue) Here is a list of those twitters currently active.

Main characters:
Dean: Deanwinchester
Sam: SamGWinchester
Castiel: Iamcastiel
Bobby: singersalvage
Ruby: Ruby1350 (formerly associated, no longer active following 4.22. They are not currently looking for a new Ruby.)
Lucifer: sonofdawn

Recurring characters:
Ellen: ellenharvelle
Harry: HSthefacer
Ed: Edzed
Maggie: MaggieZeddmore
Trickster: teh_trickster
Jo: Jo_x_Harvelle
Chuck: Chuckshurley
Zachariah: ZTA5084
Tessa: tessa_a_reaper
Alastair: Alastairrr
Anna: Anna_Milton
Andy: jedimindskills
Meg: demonicmeg

One-shot characters
Missouri: THEMissouri
Cassie: Cassie_R
Kat (Asylum): HuntingKat
Sarah (Provenance): Sarah_Blake

Lofiel: lofiel (Chuck’s archangel)
Asmodeus: ashmedai (OC; demon who possessed Dean at one point)

You can also find the wordpress page HERE which this information was taken from.

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